Jessy Deep LTS SQUID (Superconducting QUantum Interference Detector)

Introducing the JESSY DEEP Low temperature SQUID for deep mineral exploration.

Ultimate sensitivity and highest dynamic range are amongst the most prominent advantages over conventional sensors. It translates into higher depths of exploration, shorter duration of measuring campaigns and completely new types of information.

The superior performance of the receiver especially for late times even allows measurement of targets covered by a conducting overburden. Measuring the B Field direct results in sharper contrast for conductive ore bodies. Provides data up to 10 times longer resulting in an increase in depth of investigation by a factor of 3. High magnetic field resolution at low frequencies. Flat frequency response from dc up to 10 kHz

Jessy Deep HTS SQUID (Superconducting QUantum Interference Detector)

The JESSY DEEP High Temperature SQUID for deep mineral exploration. GEM have been conducting numerous surveys with these German engineered SQUIDS and are very experienced in their use. They are fast becoming the prioritized choice for many client’s exploration surveys.

JESSY DEEP is the world’s most sensitive receiver for transient electromagnetic (TEM) measurements. The SQUID’s unrivalled sensitivity provides the exploration community with data of deeper targets or ore bodies covered with a conducting overburden then conventional receivers. The exceptionally high dynamic range of JESSY DEEP results in shorter data acquisition times and ultimately more efficient measuring campaigns.

SMARTem 24

SMARTem24 has been designed to be efficient in the field and to deliver the highest quality data. This compact, portable, 16-channel, PC-based package is the next generation of a system that has already set the benchmark in electrical geophysical surveys. The GPS synchronisation, small footprint, long-life batteries, a library of sensors to choose from and a bright colour touchscreen make this instrument a pleasure to operate. With the powerful signal processing software you have come to expect from a SMARTem receiver, full time-series recording and 24-bit ADCs make SMARTem24 data the best you will see anywhere.

High Power Transmitters

GEM’s high powered transmitters are capable of transmitting 100A through large transmitter loops. Our high power transmitters are ideal for deep targets, or in areas with conductive overburden where depth penetration is limited with conventional lower power transmitters.