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GEM Geophysics are based in Perth, Western Australia. Conducting ground electromagnetic surveys for mineral and resource exploration companies in remote locations right across Australia and internationally.

GEM commenced operations in 2003 and are one of the longest serving Geophysical contracting companies in Australia. Renowned for our experience and productivity, we have been instrumental in the discovery of numerous quality deposits for various explorers including Nova Bollinger deposit and Jericho prospect. Our ongoing exploration surveys include the Gonneville Ni-Cu-PGE deposit, Mawson Ni deposit, Carr Boyd Ni-Cu project, Cassini Ni deposit and the Yarrawindah brook Ni-Cu-PGE project.

For 19 years we have been at the forefront of modern Geophysics. We continue to utilise our experience and depth of knowledge to engage customers and develop our capabilities.

We have a deep understanding of geophysical concepts together with quality data acquisition methods. GEM have the know-how to apply this knowledge to various geological landscapes. Enabling us, to not only meet, but often go beyond our client’s exploration expectations.

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