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Time Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) surveys are used to detect changes in subsurface conductivity. This can be particularly useful in the detection of base metal deposits due to the high contrast in conductivity between the ore body and the host rock. Other subsurface features such as saline and contaminated groundwater sources, paleochannels and shear zones present conductivity contrasts that can be detected using TDEM surveys.

Renowned for our experience and productivity, we have been instrumental in the discovery of numerous quality deposits for various explorers including Nova Bollinger deposit and Jericho prospect. Our ongoing exploration surveys include the Gonneville Ni-Cu-PGE deposit.

Our geophysical services are currently in very high demand because our clients value GEM’s consistency. Which comes from providing quality services that deliver targeted results regularly.


GEM conduct various Ground ElectroMagnetic geophysical surveys 

Moving Loop

Geophysical Surveys

Large Fixed Loop

Geophysical Surveys

Down Hole

Geophysical Surveys

GEM are specialists in ground electromagnetic surveys and our services are often front line on many Explorer’s exploration programs


We use SQUID technology and high power transmitters that can detect targets at incredible depth

Jessy Deep Low Temp SQUID (LTS)

Superconducting Quantum Interference Detector- data can be recorded up to ten times longer or three times deeper compared to conventional coils.

Jessy Deep High Temp SQUID (HTS)

Superconducting Quantum Interference Detector- superior performance of the receiver especially for late times allows measurement of targets beneath conductive overburden.

Smartem 24

EM receiver system for low noise data acquisition and analysis of TEM resistivity


GEM can quickly deploy our experienced Field crews right across Australia