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We incorporate innovation, integrity, collaboration and reliability into daily operations. We seek to build teams who are loyal, committed to these values and dedicated to delivering for our clients. In return, we provide a flexible and supportive work place, employment incentives, and exciting opportunities to progress your career on projects throughout Australia.

GEM Geophysics are based in WA and conduct a variety of ground Electromagnetic (EM) surveys targeting mineral discovery of conductive sub surface and deep cover anomalies. Such as Ni-Cu-Co sulphide deposits that are significant resources in the world’s drive for clean energy.

The collective skills and expertise of our people is the key to our success and we are looking for talented people with aptitude and a genuine interest in exploration. Our extensive job based training together with course work and certifications ensure our people develop skills, initiative and knowledge to become exceptional in their field.

We build strong and beneficial relationships with our clients

GEM’s reputation is reflected in the strength of the relationships we have developed with all our clients, many of whom are long standing. We are transparent in our approach and build robust collaborative relationships with our customers to problem solve and deliver quality results.

We use advanced geophysical technology that’s specifically designed to target mineral discovery of conductive sub surface anomalies such as Ni-Cu-Co sulphide deposits. GEM brought the JESSY Deep High Temp SQUIDs to Australia almost 10 years ago. Our extensive experience using the HTS and the Low Temp SQUID technology in the field, is currently, second to none.

GEM can offer our highly sought after expertise, plus quality data acquisition at incredible depth from these superior sensors, to all our clients. In doing so, GEM not only add benificial value to their exploration projects but also create that all important extra opportunity of a prospect discovery. With a professional workforce and equipment fleet, GEM can mobilise quickly and we work highly productively. Delivering what we say we can do, day-in and day-out for our clients. 

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