company values

GEM take a principled approach where our Company values- Innovation, Integrity, Collaboration and Reliability are embedded within our daily operations. We seek to build teams who are loyal, committed to these values and dedicated to delivering for our clients.

Our view on Corporate sustainability includes that it starts with a Company’s value system and a principles-based approach which underpins business strategy. This perspective has reinforced GEM’s long term growth, resilience and success, clearly reflected in our strong professional relationships.

For 19 years GEM have been at the forefront of modern Geophysics. We continue to successfully utilise our highly developed Industry experience and depth of Geophysics knowledge to regularly engage customers and develop our business capabilities.

The explorer’s choice

Our Company values are embedded within daily procedural operations

industry best practices

GEM’s Company values and integration of Industry standards are represented in all aspect of our multifaceted approach to business practices. Allowing us to provide a high level of professionalism and deliver quality services to our clients.

Multidisciplinary   approach

Our values are integral throughout all stages of the collaborative process with our clients. Allowing us to achieve survey goals and scheduling right across the project.

This approach drives our innovative work environment, fosters adaptation, integrates knowledge and promotes proactive behaviour.

Wherin a culmination of expertise, thinking for the betterment and flexibility on outcomes are all highly evident.

Customer   centricity

Our customer- centric culture is supported by our values in the way we relate to our client’s, approach survey requirements and deliver quality services.

We put our clients at the forefront of everything we do to ensure their desired program targets are achieved where each time we are able to create value on their exploration projects.

The continuity of these practices have provided GEM with strong postioning within the Industry and maintained solid foundations on which our professional relationships are built.