GEM Geophysics

GEM Geophysics have been conducting geophysical surveys for mineral and resource exploration companies since 2003. Based in Perth, Western Australia GEM operate in remote locations across Australia and internationally. With well-trained and experienced personnel GEM Geophysics offers safety-focused surveys that run on time and on budget.

GEM specialise in high power electromagnetic surveys used in the detection and definition of mineral resources. Our 100A transmitters combined with either the JESSY DEEP High Temperature SQUID or the New JESSY DEEP Low Temerapture SQUID sensor provide the best possible system for deep mineral exploration.

We also offer downhole EM surveys, utilising either the DigiAtlantis Probe, or coil probes depending upon the geological environment.

GEM Geophysics are committed to upholding industry standards by implementing Health, Safety, Environment and Community policies which are reflected in safe work procedures. GEM are focused on safety and promoting a healthy workplace culture. All geophysical surveys are conducted in a responsible and ethical manner, minimising impact to the natural environment and demonstrating respect for the local community.