Health   And safety

Our approach

We are committed to implementing Industry best work practices within our operational controls and safety systems. This enable us to provide consistent and reliable services. GEM has a supportive work culture, where everyone understands the importance of adhering to safe work procedures, hazard identification and risk management. Utilising safety managment processes regularly in our daily work practices.


GEM are active members of the Geophysical Safety Standards Association (GSSA). GSSA safety guidelines inform GEM’s HSEC policies in accordance with relevant legislation.

The explorer’s choice

Hazard identification & Risk management are part of our daily safety management practices

Our standards

GEM are committed to upholding Industry standards by implementing Health, Safety, Environment and Community policies. These policies provide an overarching framework for our safe work procedures and safety management system.

We prioritise safety in all aspects of our operations to limit the potential for serious harm and ensure our people remain injury free. Our aim is to achieve safe work environments by-

  • Ensuring our people are engaged, well trained and competent in their work roles
  • Communicate safety related issues regularly to our people and discuss issues within the team to develop a supportive team approach and an open safety culture
  • Promote awareness and the importance of risk management processes and mindful behaviour with a focus on taking adequate preventative measures
  • Support the mental well being and physical health of our team
  • Provide safe equipment, procedures, controls and personal protective equipment
  • Constantly review, evaluate and update our safety processes to improve our procedures
  • Monitor our progress and celebrate everyone’s success.