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For 19 years we have been at the forefront of modern Geophysics. We continue to utilise our experience and depth of knowledge to engage customers and develop our capabilities. We have a deep understanding of geophysical concepts together with quality data acquisition methods. GEM have the know-how to apply this knowledge to various geological landscapes. Enabling us, to not only meet, but often go beyond our client’s exploration expectations.

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GEM are a trusted name within the Industry, leading the way with innovation, experience and reliability. We can add value to our customers projects by consistently meeting project goals and delivering targeted results on time and on budget.

“Working with GEM is always a pleasure. Data quality and production rates are outstanding. Field crews work autonomously and proactively, with a great work ethic. GEM never fail to provide professional and reliable surveys with the latest high quality sensors. We look forward to continuing to work with GEM for all our ground EM needs.”

Louise L'Oste-Brown

Senior Geophysicist, formerly of Minotaur Exploration now Fortesque Metals Group

“I’ve been using GEM geophysics since they began in 2003 on many projects within Australia and overseas (e.g. Fiji, Vietnam, Tanzania). GEM are a well run, very reliable and responsible group and their hard-working crews consistently deliver high quality EM data with good productivity. They are able to efficiently mobilise though borders to remote sites, respect local people, and use local assistance where needed”.

Paul Mutton

Consulting Geophysicist, at Touchstone Geophysics

“I have used GEM for surface and down-hole EM surveys on numerous projects around Australia over the past 10 years. The data quality and production rates have always been excellent, and GEM’s crews are consistently experienced and professional. The Jessy Deeps SQUID sensor coupled with GEM’s 100A transmitter provides an excellent combination of sensitivity and power, and at a very competitive rate. I have no hesitation in recommending GEM to explorers looking for a reliable TEM survey company”.

Kelvin Blundell

Senior Geophysicist , Formerly of Southern Geoscience Consultants now Musgrave Minerals

“GEM are a safe, consistent, and reliable EM contractor. I have used them for countless surface EM and down-hole EM programmes and have never been let down by poor data quality or poor production rates; GEM’s crews always perform well to get the job done. They understand the job and maintain good communication from the field, especially when it comes to modifying survey specifications. I look forward to continuing to use GEM for our clients and have no reservations in recommending them as a competent EM contractor”.

Ben Weilstra

Consulting Geophysicist, Newexco Exploration Pty Ltd

“I have contracted GEM Geophysics for various clients over a number of years to conduct ground and borehole EM surveys throughout Western Australia. I have found them to be exceptional at providing quality data on time and at a competitive cost.

GEM’s ability to adapt to survey requirements is commendable, particularly recently in challenging topography and environmental conditions. This required the crew to conduct moving-loop EM surveys entirely by hand using custom designed stretchers to carry the transmitter equipment and still achieve high signal-to-noise data.

I would highly recommend the GEM crew for any EM survey work”.

Jacob Paggi

Principal Geophysicist, Armada Exploration Services

“I have no hesitation in recommending GEM Geophysics for all forms of ground and down-hole electromagnetic surveys. GEM Geophysics consistently achieve high standards in the field followed by delivery of quality data in a timely fashion. Every effort is made to accommodate client’s requirements where practical. Spinifex has always been able to rely on their operators to follow the proposed programme, but also show initiative in suggesting improvements to survey design and/or parameters as dictated by ground conditions. Their organisation, field practices and safety standards are excellent. They have always made every effort to conform to company policies specific to each site. Communication from the field crews is typically excellent resulting in clients trusting GEM with a high degree of autonomy in remote locations. GEM Geophysics is continually looking to offer the latest technology available to the exploration industry, thereby maximising the client’s chance of success.”

Brett Adams

Consulting Geophysicist, formerly of Spinifex Geophysics now Southern Geoscience Consultants

“I have used GEM Geophysics over many projects throughout Australia over many years.  These surveys have encompassed downhole, and surface work, using fluxgates and both high and low temperature SQUIDS.  In all cases the crews have provided great data quality and executed the surveys efficiently and were adaptable to each site requirement.  Each of the projects I have used GEM on all have unique challenges, steep terrain, thick woodlands, soft sandy plains, equipment restrictions, the list goes on.  In every situation GEM has been adaptable and practical, arriving at each job with the right tools for that task. This can only come from wealth of experience GEM Geophysics has in TEM.

The team at GEM have been easy to work with, from the pre mobilisation stages, ensuring all equipment and polices were aligned with the company’s, right through to the execution stage where the field crews have been happy to host me and demonstrate their survey prowess!  I wouldn’t have any hesitation recommending the GEM Geophysics team”

Mike Whitford

Chief Geophysicist

“I’ve utilised GEM Geophysics since their inception in 2003 on numerous mineral exploration projects within Australia and certainly have no hesitation in recommending their crews for all forms of ground/DH EM surveys.  I’ve always been very impressed with crew data quality, production rates and overall consistency/reliability using the latest EM technology at often very remote exploration sites.  GEM have clearly played an instrumental role in a number of major base metal discoveries I’ve been involved with as well as across the broader exploration industry”

Russell Mortimer

Consulting Geophysicist, Southern Geoscience Consultants

“I have worked with GEM geophysics to conduct ground EM and downhole EM surveys for mineral exploration over the past 15 years. I was able to obtain quality data quickly and the GEM crew were able to meet the requested specific survey modifications, equipment or safety requirements. I was one of the first to be given an opportunity to trial the Jessy Deep High Temperature SQUID sensors. I have spent a number of days working in the field with GEM crews and observed that they worked as a team, knew their gear well and were able to address issues that arose”.

Andrew Thompson

Principal Geophysicist , Oz Minerals

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GEM build strong and robust relationships with our clients. We not only meet their expectations we always strive to surpass them.