Environment   And community

Our Approach

GEM comply with applicable laws, policies and conditions related to our customers tenements. Such as, environmental restrictions, cultural heritage, Native Title, land access (neighbouring properties), Indigenous land use, pastoral leases and protected forested areas.

We are committed to improving our environmental performance and demonstrating best practices by applying an environmental lens across all our operations and activities.  Ensuring our activities do not adversely affect the natural surroundings.

GEM work with our clients to manage and monitor environmental concerns and biodiversity endangerment. We participate in activities to prevent the spread of environmental diseases, preserve and monitor vulnerable native wildlife and natural habitats. In order to contribute to the conservation of threatened and susceptible species within biosensitive areas.

The way we behave is integral to building trusting relationships with our clients, colleagues and other stakeholders. That is why we place as much emphasis on our behaviour as we do on our results. GEM appreciate the diversity of the people we work with, respect their backgrounds, aspirations, and strive to achieve outcomes of mutual benefit. Everyone has a role to play in building positive community relations. Our interactions within the community in which we work are positively aligned with our values. Demonstrating the utmost respect for histories, heritage, cultural beliefs and customs of the local people.

The explorer’s choice

We demonstrate respectful practices toward the environment and the community in which we work


GEM minimise the effect of our operations and footprint on the natural surroundings as much as possible, by complying with legislation and environmental management plans. In doing so, respecting the environmental, conservational and heritage values relevant to the location in which we are working.

We educate our people in ways to reduce environmental impact and avoid adverse effects by recognising and preserving vulnerable and endangered wildlife and incorporating necessary procedures in our daily work practices to limit the spread of potentially threatening environmental infections.


Our Geophysical surveys are conducted in a responsible and ethical manner. With high professional standards we respectly recognise local community member’s culture, beliefs and customs.

Our Code of conduct clearly outlines the ways in which GEM expect our people to represent the Company. We put this policy into practice where we acknowledge the values, histories and heritage of the local people. Including addressing Aboriginal cultural considerations by attending heritage training where required.