Our   Approach

Health, Safety, Environment and Community beliefs

Our Health, Safety, Environment and Community responsibilities are integral within our operations. Complying with all relevant health and safety laws, regulations, and striving to achieve leading industry best practices.

Supporting a culture of transparency through risk identification, incident investigation, reporting and mitigation, by establishing meaningful safety performance goals and encouraging continuous improvement. We regularly review our operations to measure progress in this commitment to ensure compliance.

Recognising that we all have a personal responsibility to prevent harm to ourselves, others and the environment. We share the responsibility for meeting our safety requirements by encouraging openness, trust, teamwork and involvement.

Collaboratively recognising and managing any risks identified with our work activities, and ensuring employees carry out their work tasks competently and safely. We promote wellness, mindfulness and healthy behaviours both in the work environment and in our daily lives.

Health   & safety

We believe that all injuries, incidents and occupational illnesses are preventable and that incident, near miss reporting and investigation are of fundamental importance in their prevention.

Where we understand that incidents can happen, but will do all that we can to avoid repetition and focus on prevention. We implement corrective actions, increase awareness about safety issues, provide ongoing risk management education along with making improvements in our safety management systems.

GEM recognise safety behaviours and responsibility starts with each one of us. We encourage a proactive approach and in doing so, continuously improve our safety culture. Where we promote health and safety as a prime focus for the Company.

Environment   & community

Our aim is to work in harmony with our surroundings, to minimise our environmental footprint. We operate our business in a respectful way, with the least amount of impact on the environment as our goal.

Design, operate and maintain facilities to ensure compliance with applicable permits, laws and regulations. In the absence of regulation, apply relevant industry standards to reduce environmental risks.

Report environmental hazards, monitor biodiversity issues and understand contributing factors to reduce the level of risk.

Encourage concern and respect for the environment, by emphasizing everyone’s responsibility in reducing our operational impact. We provide environmental management procedures, training and equipment to meet these expectations.

Health & Safety

Environment & Community