24 May 2022

High Temp SQUID and the Andromeda prospect

GEM were involved in the HTS survey in exploration of the Andromeda Zn- Cu prospect for the Independence Group.

The Andromeda Zn-Cu prospect is located in the Albany-Fraser Orogenic belt (AFO) of Western Australia, 200 km northeast of Norseman and 75 km to the north of the Nova Ni-Cu-Co mine.

An article explaining the Geophysics program can be accessed via the button below.

Paul Polito, Tony Crawford, Tim Worthington, Mike Whitford & Somealy Sheppard (2019) A brief description of the Andromeda Zn-Cu prospect in the Albany-Fraser Orogenic belt: A geophysical discovery using HT SQUID, ASEG Extended Abstracts, 2019:1,1-4.