26 May 2022

Lake Mackay Cu-Au Prospects

The Lake Mackay Project is located approximately 400 km WNW of Alice Springs in the South-Western Aileron Province. The project is a joint venture between Independence Group NL (IGO), Prodigy Gold NL and Castile Resources Pty Ltd. Basement mineralisation (Cu-Au) has been identified at the Bumblebee and Grapple prospects.

GEM were involved with the EM survey, more information about the project and how Electromagnetics played a significant role in defining the prospect is available to access via the button below.

Mike Whitford & Doug Winzar (2019) The Discovery of the Bumblebee and Grapple Mineralisation and Impacts on Exploration at the Lake Mackay Project, ASEG Extended Abstracts, 2019:1, 1-4.